Thirsty Thursday: Philippines

This week’s Thirsty Thursday is about the Philippines. Yes. The beautiful island chain made up of 7,641 islands, breathtaking views, one of a kind natural wonders, great food, and gorgeous people. So go ahead and strap yourselves in for a country full of wonders.


The Bacuit Archipelago is an island chain truly made of dreams. With the irregular tips of limestone islets and numerous massesΒ of gorgeous white sand beaches and lagoons fit for causing you sensory overload.





Final shot of the gorgeous and enchanting peaks.


The Callao Cave, perhaps the most popular cave in the Philippines, is located in the Western sloping foothills in the Cagayan Province. Callao and it’s seven chambered cave are a part of a network consisting of 300 caves in the surrounding areas making up the best natural tourist attraction in the province.




A view of our world as seen from below in a natural “window” in the Callao.


The 2000 year old rice terraces populating the Ifugao Mountains otherwise known as the Banaue Rice Terraces are widely regarded as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and after observing it’s gorgeous handmade slopes reaching distances over 5000 feet above sea level I believe it’s true.




An aerial view of the terraces in their Ifaugo mountain valley in a stunning shot.


MaterializingΒ from theΒ core of the Β Pandan jungle the Malumpati River, more commonly referred to as a spring, sits as a beacon of clean and pristine turquoise water.




The Malumpati as seen from behind it’s only access bridge.


This idyllic beach in Boracay, Philippines has to go down on the list as one of the most beautiful in the world. With it’s beautiful cerulean waters, white sand, and endless skyline is a must for any beach lover!





The Boracay’s turquoiseΒ coast decorated by slopes of limestone and beautiful cabanas.


The Chocolate Hills of Bohol Province, Philippines are a natural wonder. This stunning hill formation is comprised of at least 1,260 hills can actually contain as many as 1,776 exotic hills. The Chocolate Hills are also subject of a few tall tales to explain their formation my favorite is about a CarabaoΒ  who plagued the townspeople by eating all their crops. In retaliation the townspeople placed all of their rotten food out for the Carabao and of course he ate it but since it was rotten it made him sick and he ended up heavily defecating… The poo dried up and there you have it, Chocolate Hills.




Image showing the grasses of the hills in between their green and chocolate seasons.


Densely populated off the coast of Cebu, Philippines Mactan Island is what dreams are made of. Yet another beautiful Filipino beach and scenic view… Can I have my ticket now?





A fun time with rowing and can be seen in the crystal clear waters off the coast of Matcan.


Mount Pinatubo known to most of the world after it’s 1991 eruption and it’s status are the second largest terrestrial eruption in the twentieth century. Years later it’s still known as a local legend, not only because of it’s violent eruption but for its breathtaking beauty as well.





Striking shot of the Pinatubo’s climatic eruption in 1991.


The last beautiful sight we are going to catalog in the Philippines is the gorgeous and spellbinding Hinatuan Enchanted River. This deep spring river located on the island of Mindanao flows into the Philippine Sea and then to the Pacific ocean. The exploration under the surface of the Hinatuan is still a fresh and exciting endeavor. Divers have found a hidden cave opening thirty meters below the surface as of 2010 and successive operations have been led to discover the depths of the caves below 82 meters. Locals have legends as to why the river developed it’s striking color, tales of uncatchable fish, and the Engkantos that dwell there and protect it’s crystalline waters.






Aerial image of the Hinatuan as it’s certainly protected by Engkantos.



All righty! How did y’all like the images and tales of the gorgeous country of the Philippines? Would you like to travel there or have you? Let me know in the comments below! Just know I’m quietly bidding my time until I get to go there and stay for life… Just playing! Until then let’s look at some pics of gorgeous Filipino people.

Filipino Men Y’all:

Y’all ready to see the women, or no?

I’m done… Let me know what you think and stay blessed!



Double also, images are not mine and rights belong solely to their owners.


Thirsty Thursday: Brazil

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday on the Lonely Wanderer. This is a new weekly installment series entitled Thirsty Thursdays focused on showcasing the countries with the most beautiful sights in the world. This weeks focus is the gorgeous South American nation of Brazil, it’s stunning landscapes, mountains, beaches, and cultural sights.

Brazil. It’s one of those countries that you almost have to sigh after mentioning the name because it brings feelings of yearning. And you should. Brazil is an amazing country. From it’s amazing history, unique culture, and breathtaking views.

P.S. If that doesn’t appeal to you there are also so really hot Brazilian people as a treat at the end…


Cristo Redentor, Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio.


Iguazu Falls on Brazil-Argentina border.


Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil.

The following images make up the Pantanal Wetlands is a large region including the world’s largest tropical wetland.


Victoria Regia Water Lily and Lily Pads
Pantanal Wetlands, Brazil.


Corcovado Mountain in the Pantanal Wetland, Brazil.


Gorgeous shot of lone trees in the Pantanal Wetlands.


Aerial view of the Pantanal Wetlands, Brazil.

Fernando de NoronhaΒ Β is a 21 islet and island archipelago about 220 miles of the coast of Brazil.


Beautiful view from one of Noronha’s many peaks.



Noronha’s gorgeous blue-green waters hug the coast.



Panorama view of Noronha’s rocky coastline and enchanting waters.


Tourists look upon the slopes of Fernando do Noronha, Brazil.

Santa Teresa is a popular neighborhood and cultural destination in Rio de Janierio, Brazil at the top of Santa Teresa Hill. It’s known for its scenic narrow streets, colorful buildings, and stunning street art.

Colorful shops and storefronts in a narrow Santa Teresa street.



FamousΒ Selaron Steps in Santa Teresa, Brazil.


Empty Santa Teresa transportation cable car on the tracks in Santa Teresa.



Aerial view of Rio de Janiero with Santa Maria, Cristo Redentor, and Pedra de Gavea in the distance.


Church in Santa Teresa alongside a transportation station.

Tijuca Forest is a rainforest inside the ciy of Rio de Janiero and is said to be the largest urban rainforest in the world.

Great image of the beautiful plant life in Tijuca Forest.



A three-toed sloth grips onto the trees in Tijuca forest.



Among the foliage of Tijuca Cristo Redentor can be seen in the distance.



Aerial view atop the peaks in Tijuca.


View of Rio de Janiero from the peaks of Pedra de Gavea.

The Amazon Theatre or Teatro Amazona is an opera house located inside the Amazon Rainforest.


Gorgeous shot of Teatro Amazona during sunset.



Goregeous image of the inside of Teatro Amazona.





Aerial shot of the exact meeting of the waters.



Aerial shot showing a gorgeous city hugging Rio Negro while Solimoes sandy colors wade in the distance.


A calmer looking Rio Negro as it meets with Rio Solimoes.

The Amazon Rainforest encompassing most of Northwestern Brazil and also covering Columbia and Peru is known as the world’s largest tropical rainforest.


View of the Amazon under the plumage of a Scarlet Macaw.



Aerial view of the Amazon’s swamp lands.



A calm and pristine lake found amongst the Amazon greenery.



Veu de Noiva waterfall in the Amazon Rainforest.


The Trans-Amazonian Highway running through the length of the Amazon.

So, that’s it for the first Thirsty Thursday where we indulge in the sights to be seen from different lands all over the world. That was just a FRACTION of Brazil… It definitely just took it’s place in my heart and bucket list. This has inspired me to DEFINITELY take a trip there at some point. Until then… Let us all enjoy pictures of gorgeous Brazilian men and women.






I’m coming hon, don’t worry.



Yes you are, you can make me whatever you want.



I’m going to marry you.



I will come to all of your games.



Are you a runway model? Because you’ve been walking through my head all day.



He can handcuff me.



I think he’s staring longingly at me…



Hey boo.






You’ve got to be kidding me.



Their women are gorgeous too?



I call dibs.



Look at my wife.



Her too…



Her for real, for real.


I’M SO DONE. Honestly no more words… I’m booking my flight ASAP.

Also… No of the pictures are my own, nor do I own them, or take credit for them…



















The 10 Best Beaches in the World

Here is a unbiased perspective of fantastic beaches brought to you by the Lonely Wanderer!

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

  1. 7 Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica.
    • Perched in the Grand Cayman west shore 7 mile beach is famous for it’s crystal clear blue water and decadent white sands.
    • slide-01-1
  2. Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
    • Ipanema beach is situated on the coast of the beautiful Rio de Janiero and with Brazilian women, known to be among the most beautiful in the world, and all of the swimsuit clad Olympic photos from this summer Ipanema is definitely worth mention.
    • ipanema-beach-in-rio-de-janeiro
  3. El Castillo Beach in Tulum, Mexico.
    • Nestled under Mayan ruins El Castillo Beach is definitely worth listing. You will have a great time in Tulum examining the castle and the turquoise waters it protects.
    • El Castillo of Tulum
  4. Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico.
    • The once in a lifetime opportunity to frolic in the World’s Largest and Brightest Bio-luminescent bay cannot miss the countdown. Due to natural phenomena dinosΒ (dinoflagellates) burst bright blue lights when shaken or in contact with other organisms.
    • c3968077ca08287d79f81bc621fed6cf
  5. Glass Beach in Hanapepe, Hawai’i.
    • After forming for years with a unique combination of discarded glass and basalt rock Glass Beach is a unique destination for otherworldly fun.
    • 2016-03-26-b42501fd-0e53-4829-bff2-ab61aaf496a6
  6. Lake McKenzie in Fraser Island.
    • Hailing from Queensland, Australia Lake McKenzie lives up to it’s expectation as an amazing beach. The pearl white sand, iridescent blue waters, and reputation for being one of the cleanest in the world make it a must see for any beach lover.
    • p341
  7. Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa, Italy.
    • With no rabbits in sight, Rabbit Beach is known as one of the best in the world. Maybe it’s the soft sand or the clear water but it looks like a winner to us!
    • o-144827388-900
  8. East Beach in Santa Barbara, California.
    • The first beach you see in Santa Barbara loitered with California skylines is a hard act to follow. With the stunning view it deserves to be listed!
    • 836fd4989f3cd8365f23caee2aaf37b9
  9. Trunk Bay in St John, US Virgin Islands.
    • In the picturesque Virgin Islands and offering underwater snorkeling as well as Β stunning views with earthy green flora and fauna and the cascading blue waters Trunk Bay is a top pick for all beach enthusiasts.
    • beaches-trunk-bay-st-john-rend-tccom-616-462
  10. Anse Forbans in Mahe, Seychelles.
    • The idyllic beach with pastel tones and world famous chalets is a clear pleaser and is also rumored to be among the best beaches in the world.

Which beach is your favorite? Did you have one that didn’t make the countdown?