Thirsty Thursday: Brazil

The Lonely Wanderer.

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday on the Lonely Wanderer. This is a new weekly installment series entitled Thirsty Thursdays focused on showcasing the countries with the most beautiful sights in the world. This weeks focus is the gorgeous South American nation of Brazil, it’s stunning landscapes, mountains, beaches, and cultural sights.

Brazil. It’s one of those countries that you almost have to sigh after mentioning the name because it brings feelings of yearning. And you should. Brazil is an amazing country. From it’s amazing history, unique culture, and breathtaking views.

P.S. If that doesn’t appeal to you there are also so really hot Brazilian people as a treat at the end…

b1 Cristo Redentor, Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio.

b3 Iguazu Falls on Brazil-Argentina border.

b4 Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil.

The following images make up the Pantanal Wetlands is a large region including the world’s largest tropical wetland.

Victoria Regia Water Lily and Lily Pads Pantanal Wetlands, Brazil.

b6 Corcovado Mountain in…

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