Welcome to the Lonely Wanderer

What’s this all about? Life and living and how lucky we are to be on this planet. If you find yourself, here, reading this blog that means that you’re searching. I don’t mean searching in the vague and noncommittal way we usually say it. You’re searching for something that runs deeper than any of the words I can type. It’s deeper than language. You’re searching inside yourself, maybe for your soul or your purpose. Whatever it is what matters is that you’re here. In this present moment in time. This blog is about travelling, all of the wonderful things that it is, and sometimes the not so glamorous things it can bring. If you allow it to it will change your life. If you listen it will answer every question you have. Often, travel will be one of the most enriching experiences you have in your life. Our basic instinct to explore and conquer drives us to our love for travel. My goal is to touch every continent and travel to at least 100 countries before my time on Earth is done. I’ve already started my journey 4 down and 96 to go. What’s your goal? What country do you have to see before you die? Drop it down in the comments below. Together we’ll start our journey and make our footprints visible on every part of the globe. Β  And besides, how can you know how beautiful the world is if you never go and experience it for yourself?

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